Transform the way you recruit tech staff.

A powerful, agile, all-in-one expert team that helps you hire temporary tech staff on contract more successfully. 

We've worked with 50+ companies around the world

Everything you need to grow your team and your product fast.

Our team engages with you to understand your requirements and provides a pre-vetted list of expert developers for the profile. We have a pool of 1000+ expert developers, ready to start working remotely.

Tech Staff Augmentation

We create a branded job board as a centralized place to display all the open positions at your organization.

Contract Staffing

As they apply, new candidates automatically show up in the hiring dashboard for efficient review and management.

Remote Team Deployment

Hiring is a team sport and Recruiten is set up to support it. With no limit on your user-count, you can invite all the help you need.

Project Outsourcing

You’ll have a branded job board as a centralized place to display all the open positions at your organization.

Next level screening & assessment process

We want you to hire only the best-in-class developers and that’s why we test them in a 3-stage quality assessment. Quick fact: Only 7% of the candidate pool passes the assessment to be listed in our list of vetted candidates eligible to hire on contract-basis. Hire without hassle with EchoSystem!

Interactive human resource workflow.

Create application process faster with pre-screening tasks and assignments. This way, you can identify commited applicants.

Team Echosystem

Here’s a list of pre-vetted Java developers, ready to interview.

Interview conducted by client and Hiring decision. Echosystem to handle paperwork & compliance.

Innovatively built for recruiters and applicants.

We create engaging experience with our dedicated tool, post an application and let your candidates self-checkout their way towards.

What they say about our product

We have over 50+ companies that use our tools and services, hear their story

“Echosystem made it easy for us to hire a Python & GoLang developer without the constant issue of retaining, firing & searching for qualified candidates again and again. Highly recommend it!”

Robert Fox

Head of Human Resources